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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

Soy-rizo taco salad + Mexican corn with ghee

Growing up in San Diego Mexican food was a staple in our house.

Chorizo, carne asada, pollo asada, fish tacos, basically any super-seasoned, preferably spicy meat, wrapped in a warm tortilla with guac — Heaven.  On.  Earth.

I’ve been vegetarian-ish for about 4 months, 100% gluten-free for 10 years and when it comes to Mexican food, I’ve been trying everything under the sun — desperately chasing that incomparable taco shop taste.  Something meatless, but still spicy, filling, and authentic tasting. 

And the taco salad I randomly threw together last week -- NAILED IT.

It was one of those, throw everything you can find in the fridge into a dish and call it a meal.  And it was perfect. 

The major key? SOYRIZO!!! Yep.  Tastes and looks like chorizo, but it’s meatless!  Made of organic soy.  BOOM.

You need this taco salad in your mouth and in your belly for ever and ever. Amen.


  • Organic Romain lettuce 

  • Organic fresh spinach

  • Organic Tomatoes (I used cherry)

  • Green onion from my mom’s garden! (can buy in store for cheap)

  • Avocado

  • Organic baby carrots 

  • Organic Hearts of Palm 

  • Sunflower seeds (w/o shell)

  • Chopped walnuts

  • Craisins

  • Tangerine or mango Slices 

  • Lemon

  • Salt/Pepper

  • 2 eggs 

  • 1 pack of Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo 

  • 1 can organic red kidney beans

  • 1 can organic garbanzo beans 

  • 1 pack Seeds of Change Quinoa + Brown Rice (from the Costco gawds)

  • Organic Salsa of your choice 

  • Cheese of your choice (I used a shredded vegan cheese)

The list is long, but I promise the meal is quick to make  and feeds a fam of 4+ or lasts a few days for a smaller household!


  1. Put your eggs on to boil — I’m not going to tell y’all how to do this because honestly, you probably boil eggs better than me LOL! I ALWAYS mess them up, have to start over and nearly burn down the house trying hahahaha (Not an exaggeration) So bless this house and anyone in it when I’m boiling eggs. haha

  2. Wash and prep your lettuce and spinach, put it in a large bowl 

  3. Chop your fresh veggies and nuts and slice your fruit — add them to the lettuce/spinach bowl

  4. Sauté the whole pack of Soy Chorizo over a medium-low fire (don’t need to season at all)

  5. Drain garbanzo beans and kidney beans — then mix them and put them in same pot on stove over low heat — add a little salt and pepper 

  6. Put packet of Seeds of Change Quinoa + Brown Rice  in microwave for 90 secs

  7. Peel and slice your hard boiled eggs — put them on the salad 

  8. Slice lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice over the large salad

  9. Sprinkle your cheese on top

  1. Mix salad and dish into smaller serving bowls

  2. Once you have your individual salad bowl, top with beans, rice + quinoa, and lots of soy chorizo!

  3. Add salsa or hot sauce and dressing of your choice, but honestly, its delish without dressing!

Great served with chips on the side!  Late July Sea Salt Multigrain tortilla chips are my fave! 

But this night, my mom made Mexican Corn - With a Twist! 


It set the whole meal off! 

Ingredients for Mexican Corn with a Twist:

  • Ears of corn

  • Organic Ghee 

  • Pepper 

  • Onion powder 

  • Garlic Powder

  • Chilli Powder


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

  2. Rub ghee on ears of corn 

  3. Season with pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and chili powder

  4. Wrap individual ears of corn in foil 

  5. Bake for 20 minutes


Love Always.


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