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Well, that was one for the books! Japan to the US and back [with littles] during Omicron

Whew! We’re back from our first International flight since this whole pandemic started, which also happens to be our first international flight since adding a whole new baby to the family. 🤣

The additional kid was easy…Nile is the best! Like Sav, he’s the chillest flyer, and the most adventurous little dude.

But honeeeeyyyy, this international travel with a toddler and an infant during a pandemic, on the heels of the most contagious variant spreading like wildfire?!

Not for the sane. Lol

From Reuters

About a week before we were supposed to board our flights to the states, Omicron started making its rounds. Within about 24 hours, the Japanese government announced that no flights were going to be allowed in or out of the country! I was a mess! I mean, I have friends whose husbands were on business trips, outside of Japan, and they couldn't even find flights to get back home to their families here in Tokyo!

When the news broke, we cancelled our AirBnbs in the the US, postponed our flights. A couple days a later, the Japanese government reversed its initial decision, and declared that they would honor any plane tickets that were purchased prior to the new variant rearing its head.

So I prayed for discernment, re-booked airbnbs, started packing like a mad-woman, and got the fam ready to go!

About to head to the airport. Peace out Tokyo!

Here in Tokyo, Narita International Airport was a ghost town.

In stark contrast to LAX, DCA + Dallas Ft Worth airports that were buzzing with people stepping on each other, yelling at airport employees, and coughing all out in the open.

Oh, America. 🙃

On one hand, it was incredibly heart-warming to see some of our family and forever friends. We had the best time belly-laughing, celebrating life and just doing nothing with some of our favorite people.

Hotel Del -- Coronado Island, California

Dinner at The Henry on Coronado with the fam!

My childhood bestie and I even got to have a week-long sleepover with our babies!!

But navigating the desire to fuel those connections while also trying to make sure we all dodged the Rona, and would be able to get back into Japan without any problems was A LOT.

I found myself doing a constant internal dance between “I’m not worried at all, let’s get fresh air, soak up some sun and let the kids be little and free!”

And “Hide your kids, hide your wives, find a mask, wash your hands, and cancel plans because the Omicron is getting everybody out here!”

Not to mention, traveling across the Pacific -- finally being in the same country, state, or city as some of the most important people in our lives, and still not being able to squeeze them or spend quality time with them because of all this COVID stuff left us feeling like there are still so many memories waiting to be made!

And don’t even get me started on how hard it was to hold our babies as they got PCR tests. What is even going on in this world right now?!

Was it challenging at times? Yes.

Worth it? Well, one thing's for sure, those hugs and even window-waves were long-overdue, but let's just say we're hoping this all settles some before we travel back to the states again.

Now, we're on day 4 or 5 of a14 day in-home quarantine, and we're so very grateful to be home, and healthy.

Our NYE selfie!

Cheers to my partner in crime, the leader of our traveling circus — the guy that never gets rattled or sweats — even when I’m shaking, rattling and rolling 🤣. Thank you for being such a sturdy rock in this wild world. I'll love you forever for laughing with me when the kids finally go down for the night and we are looking at each other like whew…what in the hell is even going on at this point? You make this ride SO MUCH FUN!

And double cheers to all the parents trying to make the best decisions you can in this pandemic! It ain't easy!

If you're planning to travel, or recently returning from a trip, I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Love Always.


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Jan 11, 2022

You're amazing and I love reading about your beautiful family's adventures. God Bless!

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