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What due date?

So Miss Savannah Rose had no regard for her “due date”, none what so ever. April 4, 2018 came and went like a thief in the night, and I was just as pregnant as ever ha. We didn’t know it then, but joke was on us! It would be some looooong daaaaays before we met our baby girl. In the meantime, we tried everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING to bring her earthside. As soon as mom stepped off the plane from Cali she had me doing the pregnancy dance, the labor dance, the birth dance, all the dances! Plus, Julian and I were spending extra quality time in the bedroom (they say sex brings on labor, but I think the people lied LOL).

The fun didn’t stop there...I was stuffing evening primrose oil capsules up my vag, in my mouth, everywhere. Oh, and I was bloated as all get out because I was eating ALL the dates. Haha Then there was my workout regimen. I was slowly walking (read: waddling) like there was no tomorrow! Miles and miles everyday. Climbing stairs, squating, lunging, meditating, praying, taking warm baths, I mean the list goes on! But let me tell you, Savannah Rose was chillin! And you know, as anxious as I was at the time, looking back, I feel so blessed to have had that extra time with our baby girl inside me. Honored that my body was able to create such a warm, safe, healthy environment for her that made her feel relaxed, and secure, like she could take her time entering this wild world.

But in the moment, a crazy thing happened once we reached our “due date” and were still babeless. It was like all of a sudden, the pregnancy experience I viewed as beautiful and totally manageable for 40 weeks, (even on the worst days) suddenly seemed overwhelming. I mean, you couldn’t tell me I didn’t weigh a thousand pounds and look like a beached whale. Everything ached, and my hormones gave everyone a run for their money ha (bless hubs and mom). But when I look back at pictures and see that glow, and that big round belly that our angle baby was flourishing in I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. Just wish I could’ve channeled that a little more when the waiting game got tough.

But as we waited and waited and waited some more, my mom knew Savannah Rose was coming eventually and had the foresight to think about what we’d need once she got here. Mom passed time in the kitchen, prepping meals and freezing them for us, which have been such a blessing post partum.

And Julian, as always was right there being the voice of reason for me. Able to see when I couldn’t and remind me of what was real. “Don’t be rushing my baby, perfection takes time,” he would say jokingly, but also totally serious. :) He would constantly speak positivity over us saying our baby was healthy and happy and would come into the world when she was ready. He continuously reminded me that “due dates” are just estimations and babies in utero don’t know what day it is. Over and over he would say “There’s a reason Savannah Rose is taking her time, just trust that our baby and your body know what they need to do, and will work in harmony when the time is right.”

And I would look at him like okaaaaay hypnobirthing classes come through then!!!! Haha so proud and beyond thankful for my uplifting, hypnobirthing hubs.

So obvs Savannah eventually makes her way to us...She’s in her rocker now, looking at me like um excuse me lady, it’s lunch time! We are still VERY MUCH on her schedule haha Write more soon. Love Always. Jas

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