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VIDEO: Nile turns one in Shimoda! Japanese first birthday traditions

Our Nile-Kun is ONE!

Being that he is the ultimate water baby -- named after the Nile River, born in the water -- we felt it was only right to bring in his first birthday at the water's edge!

So we took a beautiful road trip from Tokyo to Shimoda, Japan. 10/10 would recommend!

Since Nile was born in Japan, we kicked off his birthday weekend with a few Japanese traditions: Issho Mochi and Erabitori!

Issho Mochi

Issho means "one's entire life", Mochi means "rice cake"

This tradition involves the baby carrying a 1.8 kg rice cake on their back!

Babies carrying or standing on the weighted rice cake, symbolizes strength and a plentiful, prosperous, healthy life -- a life without hunger.


Erabitori or "Choose and take" is said to predict the baby's future and good fortune. To play this traditional game, you get Erabitori cards and spread them out on the floor. Each card has a picture of a profession. Which ever card your baby crawls to is believed to be the profession they will aspire to when they grow up!

Our Mochi and Erabitori cards came as a package! You can order yours here:

Nile wore the cutest Hakama -- Japanese formal wear, traditionally worn by Samurai! You can order one here:

Would love to know if you try any of these traditions!

Praying for abundance, health, joy and purpose for you and your littles!

Love Always.



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