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Sip & See Success: New baby, not so new party decor

Savannah Rose was the belle of the ball this weekend, and she knew it too! 😊 Hamming it up for every – single -- visitor. In true good party fashion, an event we planned to end at 5p ended closer to mid-night and Babygirl was laying it on thick and soaking up ALLLL the lovin’ the entire time.

Another thing that made the day sentimental (other than my new-mommy hormones that legit have me crying tears of joy about EVERYTHING), was that we repurposed some décor we used in our wedding events two years ago!

And if you know me, you know I LIVE for a good full circle moment. 😊

In 2016, Julian and I said, "I do" on a private island off the coast of Aruba and then partied the night away with 40 of our loved ones!

Before heading to Aruba, our friends hosted a stateside celebration to send us off with love.

This welcome sign from the Sip & See for Savannah Rose...

...was originally our Instagram Hashtag sign during our sendoff party!

These beer and wine bottle buckets pictured below on the left were first used back in 2016 during our destination wedding sendoff and were reused 2 years later for Savannah's Sip & See.

Saturday, the clear container pictured above on the left was full of a drink you HAVE to try that my girls and I coined “Mom-osas”, made with champagne, tropical juice & fresh pineapple slices – soooo good!

And two years prior, during our sendoff, it held a drink made by Hubs’ frat brothers. (Pictured above on the right)

And the faux flowers that added a pop of color to our wine bucket during Babygirl’s meet & greet, were initially used in our centerpieces and table décor on the most majestic night. two years ago.

So needless to say, this was a victory for super sappy, bargain shopping, deal hunting, entertainer-on-a-budget in me. There’s nothing like saving something meaningful, actually remembering you saved and where you put it haha, and then using it again for another beautiful life milestone.

My fellow sentimental hoarders know exactly what I mean. 😊

Love Always.


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