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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

Music to my ears, but not

So, I was a little late getting into the whole podcast craze.

My husband’s been listening to them for years and he would rave about them and I’d just wonder like ok…that sounds cool but I don’t understand why in the world I would want to listen to people talk.

Like, if my earbuds are in I’m either playing something with all the curse words and a beat I can shake my ass to, or I'm playing Christian rock. I don’t really do gray areas and I sure as hell don’t just listen to people talk for no reason….well, I didn’t used to anyway. ;-)

But while I was pregnant, I found myself searching.

Searching for pregnant friends, searching for birth stories, searching for guided meditations, searching for information, searching for advice.

Wouldn’t you know, I found all of that and then some on podcasts, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Hooked to the point where I wake up giddy on Tuesdays and Thursdays because those are the days my favorite podcasts drop new episodes! (So its basically Christmas morning at least twice a week in my head.)

I mean I'm hooked to the point where if I happen to have a (miraculous) moment to relax and watch TV…I usually choose to listen to a podcast instead!!! (I know, very 1940’s of me)

So today, I'm inviting you to share in the goodness. :-)

If you’re trying to conceive, preggo, a mama, a mermaid, a hippy, exploring your sensuality, into mental and spiritual health, love learning about nutrition, a birth worker, or a boss babe, chances are at least one of these might also be on your list of faves!

Here the are (in random order)…

  1. The Birth Hour

  2. Big Birth Junkie

  3. Highest Self Podcast

  4. Yoga Birth Babies

  5. Boss Mom Podcast

  6. The Life Stylist

  7. The Mother Loving Future Show

  8. The Expectful Podcast

  9. Healthy Births Happy Babies

  10. Honey Talks

What are you listening to? Please share! I’m always looking for new podcasts to fall in love with!

Love Always.


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