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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

I want to be like my 10 month old when I grow up

There’s endless focus and energy and resources placed on how to best raise kids….this theory and that strategy, and hey, I get it, raising humans is basically the most important job.

But, what if our babies are sent to us to heal us and teach us things?

I know, it may seem a little far fetched to some, but I promise you, from the moment Savannah Rose was conceived she’s taught me more about life and about myself than I’ve learned in the 29 years I lived before she was sent to us. And parts of me have been healed that I did not even know were broken! (Can I get an amen somebody?!)

Just watching Savvy navigate this new world, is such a privilege. To see the way she marvels at everything, takes her time with the tiniest tasks, and screams laughing without any inhibitions — she is my living reminder to just be.

I’ve been keeping a log in my phone called “Lessons from Sav”…

  1. Laugh all the time, at everything. — Savannah falls asleep giggling and wakes up tickled with laughter. No matter what happens between sunrise and sunset, she wakes up and goes to sleep joyful everyday!

  2. Follow the music & dance like no ones watching. — It doesn’t matter if its a jiggle on a commercial, baby shark on YouTube, or music Sav hears from a car next to us at a stop light, that little arm goes up in the air and she starts bouncing up and down with a smile that melts me. Ten months old and she will stop what she’s doing (including nursing ha) for a dance party! She’s my hero.

  3. Confidence. Angel Baby is confident about things she shouldn’t even be confident about okay ha. Like stuff she’s never done, places she’s never been, she owns everything! No fear, never shows a sign of being unsure or questioning her ability. I feel like maybe we loose that as we get older. As adults, we start tying our confidence to our proven abilities, rather than tapping into an inner confidence and allowing that to stir us even though the unknown.

  4. A rough moment does not equal a bad day. Savvy will have a total meltdown. I mean, the meltdowns are rare (thank God) but they do happen. And wouldn’t you know, like 30 minutes to an hour later its like nothing ever happened. Back to being the happiest baby. No holding grudges. No “I can forgive but I can’t forget”…nope. Just happiness and love. Always.

  5. Relax. The biggest joke is thinking you’re going to be on a strict schedule with a baby. That was something that was hard for me at first, but Savannah has taught me to love those wild moments, and days where the to-do list doesn’t get conquered, and the times you’re running late because you’re nursing in the car in between every errand you run…I find strength, I find joy in surrendering to that now. Thanks to her.

So yeah, I want to be like Sav when I grow up. :-)

What are your thoughts on all of it? Learned anything from your babe?

Love Always,


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