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Gift Guide for the Man Who Lives a Rugged Lifestyle

Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you too are married to a certified bad-ass who's all about that outdoors, active lifestyle -- a rugged man who's most full in nature, pushing himself to extreme limits, mastering survival techniques -- this gift guide is for you (and him of course)!

For those of you who don't know my husband, Julian's the guy you want to be next to in any emergency. We walk into a restaurant on date night and I can see him calculating a whole exit strategy and emergency response plan before we even get to our seat -- and not just for us, but legit, the man has a realistic plan on how he will save everyone in the entire spot. We're on a plane -- he's got a plan, we're on a hike -- he's got a plan, we're at home, and there's an intruder -- he's got a plan. And thank the good Lord because the man literally could not be married to a more nervous person haha!

Now I'm not saving any lives here, but I will research like nobody's business (you can take the girl out of the newsroom, but you can't take the investigate reporter out of the girl haha), and in this case, I did all the Googling, review reading, and Youtube video watching to compare items before pulling the trigger on each one. So of course, there are different versions and brands than the ones I'm listing here but these are the exact ones we've invested in over the years and all have Julian's stamp of approval.

  1. E Tool -- Tyger Auto Shovel,16 in 1 Heavy Duty Folding Compact Tool:

About $100

2. Ruck Sack -- Rucker 4.0:

$215, discounted when purchased with weights

"It is the most comfortable rucksack ever built with upgraded padding on the top of the plate pocket for bear crawls. It also has ergonomic lumbar support and the fabric on the back panel and underside of straps does not cause friction burn." -- GoRuck

$95, discounted if purchased with sack

4. Nike Men's 8" SFB Generation 2:

About $200

5. Garmin Tactix 7 Pro Solar Ballistics Premium Tactical Watch:

About $1,000

Wishing you easy shopping and a happy hubby! Would love to know if you surprise your man with any of these things, or if you have something I should add to the list!

Love Always.



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