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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

Long distance lovin' with littles

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Julian and I are pretty much the King and Queen of Long Distance Love.

And I’m not talking cute long distance, you know like a two or three hour drive…Sexy weekend lover type long distance...Although, we did that too for a bit...That was cute.

I’m talking opposite sides of the world long distance! Sounds crazy right? Yeah, we’re a little of that.

Partying in Serbia (2013)

Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, South Bend, Indiana, Richmond, Virginia, DC, San Diego...

Exploring Eastern Europe

….And now that our family is growing we joke that we’re a bit of a traveling circus ha.

But honestly, I’m positive its one of our strengths as a unit. We make a plan and execute it — period. Because we know the one constant in life is us.

Of course, life’s ALWAYS better together but we can be anywhere in the world and be madly in love — mentally, spiritually, and emotionally connected.

Hashtag soulmates.

Hubs makes long distance love worth while.

But long distance loving plus littles? That’s a different equation.

Julian and Savannah Rose have been connected since before she was born! Seriously, Julian’s been talking about her for years! He’s known her and felt her presence long before she was conceived. There is nothing more beautiful than their bond.

So him being on extended work travel overseas is hard for all of us, but we’ve found ways to make sure that Sav can still feel her daddy’s love.

Thank the good Lord for FaceTime and Sunday mornings.

Sundays are my favorite bc Julian Facetimes me early and then we wake up Savvy together. (Yep, cue the water works) In that moment, Sav is the happiest little light being in the universe! She hears her daddy’s voice and she’s just tickled!

Then, instead of rushing off to tackle our days on opposite sides of the world, we all climb into the bed and hang out, talking with hubs on FaceTime for hours as the sun comes up and peaks through the shutters. Easy.

Before Julian left for this trip, I stopped doing his laundry — Well, not all together, but I did stop washing his under shirts! I asked him to throw his shirts in a bag at the end of every day. I bought packs and packs of undershirts just for him to wear and then throw in a bag.

I tied the bag tight and its been the BEST thing ever for Sav (and maybe me too)…*Alexa, play Destiney’s Child “Sleep in Your T-Shirt”.

But every few nights, I reach in the bag and get one of Hubby’s worn shirts and wrap Savannah in it at bed time…When I check on her through out the night she’s always holding on tight to her daddy’s shirt. And I don’t even have the words to tell you what it does to my heart. All I know is that, thanks to that bag of dirty shirts in my closet, every night, she feels close to her first love and she feels safe.

One of my friends and former CBS 6 coworkers gave me this idea before my family started our latest adventure, and I’m so grateful she did, thank you Shelby!

And thank you Hubs for going along with my dirty undershirt plan, no questions asked. :-)

Love you forever for working so hard for our legacy. Literally going to all ends of the earth for our family. We thank God for you!

And to all of you long distance lovers out there, keep loving! And if any of you are on this wild ride with littles in tow, let me know some of the ways you ease the distance for your little babes!

Love Always.


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