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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

Photoshoots with Boss Babe Regina Hayes-Pacheco

Ragina Hayes-Pacheco…Co-Owner of This.x.That -- a San Diego based styled event/photography business.

Regina and I have been friends since we were pre-teens, navigating the stormy seas of mean girls, cute boys, and church gossip ha. To be re-connecting with her almost 15 years later, as we are both embarking on these new chapters in our lives, has been such a blessing.

Regina has the biggest heart! She’s fun-loving, down to earth, determined and extremely hardworking.

This boss babe is a new wife, just took her last final for her masters program, works full time, and she and her life partner just launched their baby, This.x.That.

P.S. Gina styled and planned their wedding!!!! I don’t even have any words for this!!! Just look at the pics. Swooooon!

Are you still with me? I know you may need a sec because I DIED when I saw these pictures.

So when I tell you they hit the ground running — THEY. TOOK. OFF!!

Regina and David's raw talent is undeniable, but as business owners they continue to invest in their craft and learn ways to take things to the next level.

Having drinks with the Pachecos is the best. They’re the kind of people you hang out with and leave feeling happy, feeling full — emotionally and spiritually. And they bring that same chill energy to every photo shoot.

Now you guys know, I love a good photoshoot. But the prep and planning for them always stresses me. Like, its just not my strong suit. I take like 3 weeks to decide on everyones outfits, 2 more weeks to try to figure out what decor to include, if any…oh and then where can I get said decor for the low $$$? By then, two months have gone by, we’re in a whole new season, and its time to empty my online shopping carts and start from scratch. Eeeek Lol

Well, This.x.That transformed my experience.


For Angel Baby’s first birthday photoshoot I mentioned to Regina that I wanted to do something that captures Sav’s free spirit. A boho theme. Dream catchers, feathers, frilly flowy clothes, faux fur. All the things. With in 15 mins of our convo Regina sent me an email with pics of everything for me to order on amazon. And each item was $12 or less!!! I’m pretty sure I cried. I ordered everything and we were done!

The day of the shoot, we walk in and she blew my mind with the set up. It was EVERYTHING I asked for and then some. And she was incredible at making Sav feel like it was just a playdate with Auntie GG.

With this being babygirl’s first earthside trip around the sun, it was really important to me to get some shots with my mom. Three generations of love and strength. So about a week later, This.x.That scouted out the perfect spot and had us meet them at Kate Sessions Park in San Diego for Savvy’s First Bday Shoot Part Duex.

As striking as my mama is, she is the most camera shy person. So needless to say, she was nervous before the shoot. But Regina and David welcomed her with hugs and genuine convo and she was able to relax and even have a little fun. ;-)

Later that day. YES SAME DAY SERVICE (whhhhhaaaaaat??!!) I had an email from This.x.That with all of our edited pics. And as beautiful as the pics were it was the message from Regina and David that really touched my heart.

They understood what this shoot meant to me. And it meant the same to them. That’s what they do. Thats who they are. They learn you. They care about you. They care about what you care about. And they capture it.


I asked Gina about her WHY and how she juggles #wifelife with Creative and CEO-Life:

What made you want to start your own business?

"I was feeling inspired! We often go to work, go home, and repeat becoming sort of robotic and I just wanted to feel more. I love being a creative and feeling empowered as well as challenges and photography certainly makes me feel both concurrently."

Where do you get your drive?

"My drive comes from thinking of my future and all the possibilities I could be presented if I apply myself. I learned from one of my favorite teachers in college that we are all divine creatures and able to reach our optimal selves with persistence and dedication. With that knowledge alone, I feel driven constantly. And inspired!"

Any advice for other boss babes and/or couples who are in business together?

"My advice is to always find beauty in the struggle and keep grinding. Like my girl Bey said, 'Imma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves.'

My husband and I are working together for the first time and it shows a lot of insight into our relationship. He really allows me to work my way and he supports me and just lets me do whatever I need to get the vision captured. He often assists and I often take charge and initiative. My advice for working with your significant other is to just support each other and let each other shine."

Gosh, look at this sweet girl's face. My heart.

To contact This.x.That, check out their website: or their Instagram: @This.x.That

If you're looking to broaden your boss babe circle, Regina's personal Instagram: @ginahayesp

You'll love The Pachecos as much as I do. Promise!

Love Always.


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