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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

Little babe, little sun, Phoenix here we come

A comfy jumper, big sunnies, pillows, and blankets. Babygirl knows how to road trip! 

In Feb Sav, Gigi and I drove from San Diego to Phoenix. An easy 5 hour drive…Said no one traveling with a baby — ever. Ha But seriously, it wasn’t bad. We left before the sun came up, and stopped once in Yuma for gas and a breastfeeding sesh, and once randomly on the side of I-8 for a total meltdown…But other than that, smooth sailing. Some cool background deets about this trip --  Savvy and I were going to visit one of my besties, Lindsay, and her hubs. And my mom was going to visit one of her besties, Pam, who’s Lindsay’s mom!

30+ years of sisterhood!

Our first stop was AZ Brow Bar! ( My girl’s microblading salon!!!! Where she changed my mama's whole life!!!! (Full blog on that to follow) So anyway, Linds and Jason were the best hosts and watching Savannah bond with her fur-cousins was the absolute sweetest. 

Can I just say how gorgeous Phoenix is??!! And the food. OH MY. GAH. The food!!!! We brunched at the cutest spot!!! Farm and Craft's Phoenix location (

The vegetarian dish I had was delish.  The drinks were incredible, and the vibe was super chill.  Plus, the waiter had no prob pulling over a high chair up for Angel Baby, bringing us an extra water so I could make her rice cereal at the table, and interacting with her every time he checked on us.

As a mom who very much values bringing my little babe along for my life experiences rather than stopping my life because I had a baby, there’s nothing worse than walking in to an establishment you’re excited to experience and the staff looking at you like oh lawd she brought a baby in here?! How dare she!! (Maaaaajooooor side eye) But the peeps at Farm and Craft in Phoenix were not like that at all!!!   They were warm, welcoming, and even excited to see little babe coming! 

Perf spot for sexy brunch w the girls or an afternoon family outing.

One of the nights there, we met up with our moms in Tempe and had dinner at Culinary Dropout ( And again, the food!!! I don’t understand. Why is all the food so good?! So fresh!  And there were multiple dietary options everywhere we went. At Culinary Dropout I had a vegetarian Thai inspired dish that was to die for.

Loved the atmosphere at this place too. Good music, twinkle lights overhead, people playing shuffle board and corn hole nearby.   Fun for a big group, and loud enough and relaxed enough where you aren’t worried about a happy little babe (or big babe for that matter lol) singing at the top of her lungs, slamming silverware on the table. :-) Also, is there anything better than a group of people a few glasses of wine in trying to take a pic with a 9 month old?!  #nailedit

The next morning we got up early, strapped babygirl into her carrier and went on a hike in Mesa! I highly recommend the Moon Rock Trail or Blevins Trail if you’re looking for a rejuvenating scenic light to moderate workout that’s baby-wearing or kid-walking friendly.

Ok...soooooo epic #bloggerfail but I didn’t remember to take any pics of the spot we went to for lunch post-hike!!! I was too busy living the life my foodie dreams are made of!!! Linds took us to this family owned compound that took the term "farm to table" to a whole new level. At Joes Farm Grill in Gilbert ( the food is grown and prepared right there on the compound!  So you order your food and then sit out in the garden amongst all the fresh greens! It’s beautiful! And the food was seriously some of the best food I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE. The portobello mushroom burger wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun and the french friiiiiies?! Just ridiculous.

After we ate, we walked across the compound and got some really good iced coffees at another family owned shop.

Heaven on Earth. ...And then of course, in true mom and auntie-life fashion we left said coffee on top of the car and peeled out of the parking lot Lmao!!!

Later in the day, Linds and Jason treated Savannah Rose to her first Suns game (which they won)!!! Presidential suite treatment and all. Safe to say the bar has officially been set for babygirl. :-) That night, Sav slept soooooo good and us big kids sat around the fire in the backyard under the stars, eating taco shop and talking late into the night. Nothing like time in a beautiful place with forever friends making memories to last a lifetime.

*Travel tips from a rookie mama who's always got little babe on her hip: 1. Bathe little one and put them in their travel clothes the night before so in the morning it’s just a matter of a quick diaper change and sliding them into the car seat. 2. Leave before the sun comes up! 3. If you're roadtripping try to have someone ride in the back with the littles. 4. Invest in a travel crib! We have the lotus travel crib and it has been a staple for us! ( 5. Find a baby wearer that works for you! I was gifted the Ergobaby Original and it’s changed the game. ( 6. Don’t feel like you have to tailer all of your plans too much bc you have a baby! Enjoy your vacay! Most places have high chairs and will happily accommodate your little babe.  7. Try to stick to your little one’s eating and sleeping schedule but if you stray from it don’t stress!!!! Remember you are on vacay!!!  Everything will fall back into place once you're home.   8. Don’t be surprised if your tiny tot doesn’t BF or eat as much while you guys are on travel. Most likely they are taking in all the sights and sounds and feeling super distracted. The good news — they will prob sleep well at night from being overstimulated all day! So if you can manage not to knock out right when they do, you may have a chance to enjoy a little grown and sexy time! Or maybe actually eat a warm meal, or dare I say it -- take a long, hot warm shower!!! Cheers to you and your next vacay with little babe!

Love Always.


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