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  • Jasmine Norwood-Dioulo

I meet angels every day, you can too!

I meet angels every day.

Sometimes the angels and blessings come in the form of big break throughs or life events — the day I became Mrs. Dioulo, growing and birthing a Savannah, surviving car accidents, major business successes, career moves working out seamlessly, buying houses, selling houses, healthy test results from physical exams — things that carry a lot of weight and make it clear that a power higher than anything or anyone earthly orchestrated them.

The gratitude flows deep for those experiences.

But it flows just as deep for the tiny kisses from the Universe as well -- The reaaallllllyyyy little ones that could easily be overlooked, but actually have the power to make a huge impact and lead to even bigger blessings if you’re open to them.

So last weekend, I was carrying a lot of weight. Literally. Savvy girl and I took a 24 hour trip. Yep. 2 6am flights in 24 hours. With a 13 month old. And. All. The. Bags.

Ha. I’m a certified crazy person. I’m sure of it. If you aren't sure of it, just look at Sav's face LOL!!! She's telling you everything you need to know.

But I met so many angels in that 24 hour period — I mean, I can’t even begin to count them all!

Was I exhausted? You better believe it. Were the bags under my eyes just as big as the bags I was lugging around? Easily.

But I was beaming ear to ear. And I saw God making a way for me and cleaning up my messes right before my tired eyes.

Angels were holding elevator doors for me, women were lending me their husbands to carry my bags, the airline checked ALL MY BAGS FOR FREE — both ways! I was escorted from the back of insanely long lines right to the counter for assistance, all 23 times I dropped Savannah’s beloved can’t sleep without baby doll -- gracious strangers chased me down and returned it haha thank yoooooou! When I knocked my coffee over while holding a sleeping baby, and spilled it all over the airport floor — one person cleaned it up, while another angel asked me how I take my coffee and bought me a new cup! I’m seriously in tears just thinking about all the incredible people God put on my path. They were my angels. Every women who made I eye contact with me and smiled as if to say — you go you badass mama! Every grandmother that came over to play with Savannah and share her stories of loving on her babes for decades. Priceless.

The Universe had my back. And it wasn’t by accident.

Before I loaded up the car at 3am to head to the airport (the first time), I held Savannah and prayed:


Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate our friend and his accomplishments. Thank you for the means to make this trip a reality. Thank you for equipping me with everything I need. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for using me. Thank you for Savannah. Thank you for every single angel you will put me in touch with on this trip. Thank you for every little bit of help that will be offered up. I am open to the help. I am open to the positivity. I am open and ready to receive. And I thank you you now for taking care of it all.


That one sets me up for angelic interactions every time.

And today, I offer it up for you.

I hope whatever your day or night looks like, you will be open to lots of Universe kisses, help from strangers and genuine smiles from people in passing.

And that you have the presence to feel how BIG the small things are.

Love Always,


Also, I’m thinking about making this mama/daughter wkend trip a thing. Where to next Sav?! And which bag are we leaving behind!? LOL

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