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Fall Fun: Apple Picking in Japan!

I swear I'm falling more and more in love with Japan. The rainy season, and hot as hell summer were rough! But so far, our first Autumn here has been dreamy!

Snapped this gem in our neighborhood park the other day. (Arisugawa Park)

At this rate, when the time comes for us to leave, Julian will literally have to drag me out of Tokyo. Lol!

This week, my husband (and favorite veteran) had a mid-week day off of work in honor of Veterans Day, so we drove about an hour northwest to Ibaraki, and made sweet memories at the cutest, humble, family-owned and operated apple orchard, Naganuma Apple Garden.

All the produce sold at this fruit/vegetable stand is grown here on the farm!

After scouring the Internet for hours, trying to figure out which orchard we should visit, it was the owner's message on the Naganuma Apple Garden website that tugged on my heartstrings and let me know this was the spot for us:

"I, the old man of our garden, started growing apples in 1989....I manage to whip up the old body in the latter half of 60 to create a farm that everyone will be pleased with.
Do not go against the natural circulation as much as possible. Make the most of nature. Is the basic policy of our garden from long ago."
My whole heart!

Apples are currently Sav's favorite fruit so it was really special to see how excited she was to "Pick the apples from the trees at the park," as she keeps saying. :-)

It's safe to say the Dioulo Fam has a new fall tradition!

Also safe to say, I'll be here looking up ALL the apple recipes for the foreseeable future haha, and if you stop by anytime in the next week or so, please know you will be leaving our house with an apple...or 4. LOL

Baby boy making his 24 week bump appearance. ;-)

If you live in the Tokyo area, you still have a few more weeks of prime apple-growing/picking weather! From what I hear, it's best to go in October and November. Naganuma Apple Garden has a modest entrance fee of only 350 yen for adults and FREE for kids under 4! Some apple farms are structured with time limits and organized tours, but this was a very laidback vibe. Just pick up a basket from the fruit stand, and walk across the dusty dirt road to the orchard. You can roam freely and take all the time you like soaking up the sun, crisp air, and picking apples that taste like they've been drenched in honey!

Let me know if you have any questions! And I'd love to see your pics if you do make a day of it!

Love Always.



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