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'Resilient Love' on the Lance E. Lee Podcast from Tokyo

Washington, D.C. (2011)

How's this pic for a throwback?!

Snapped on a Blackberry on our 2nd date, circa 2011!

Such babiiiieees!

Earlier this week, Julian and I hopped on "The Lance E. Lee Podcast" and said way too much. haha!

We talked about everything from how we met, how we made long distance dating fun and impactful (and by long distance, I'm talking opposite sides of the world!), the twists and turns our careers have taken -- winning Emmys to having babies! -- the rewards of sacrifice, the importance of family, loving and supporting each other as we evolve as individuals and how we continue to become even stronger as one!

Lots of laughs, lots of gems.

If you haven't listened yet, you can find the podcast at the links below:

dancing in our kitchen in VA -- surrounded by moving boxes (2018)
Tokyo -- 5 mo preggo w Baby Nile (Nov 2020)

To Mr. Lance Lee, we thank you so much for your time, friendship, and platform. It was an honor to sit-down and connect with you here in Tokyo!

Love Always.



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