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Is there anything we want more than healthy kids? Sharing our family's immune-boosting hacks

This time of year is not easy on our little babes' immune systems, or on our mama-hearts is it?

Depending on where you live -- you've got the winter blues, the flu, the common cold, regular respiratory infections, allergies, and every variation of COVID under the sun -- October to April can be full of runny noses, sick days, and long nights.

I'm no doctor so obvs, what I'm about to share is not medical advice. But as a mama, who's here riding all the waves, and trying to do my best by my little fam, I want to share a couple things that have been getting us through!

Some of these tid-bits were passed down from my mom, others are things I learned from friends, podcasts or through my own research (read: late night google searches on my phone while the fam sleeps).

If the little babes get sick, it's time for skin to skin, steam showers, elderberry, eucalyptus, and breastmilk!

When Savvy or Nile start to get stuffy, have a runny nose or seem to be coming down with something my first go to is always a good steam shower/skin to skin combo!

1. Steam Showers

If the kids are super congested, we'll do up to 3 steam showers a day. I go in the bathroom, turn the water on super hot, and close the door and let the steam fill the room. I bring books, toys, and the kids and I strip down and hang out in the steam for 15-20 minutes. If they're energetic, we make it a little playdate, dance party or story-time. If they are sick and lethargic, I just cuddle with them, lots of skin to skin! (something to note -- we never get in the water during these steam shower sessions, I just let the water run in the shower while we hang in the bathroom. I know it might seem like a major waste of water, but it really helps clear their airways and when our babies are not well, nothing else matters, right?!)

2. I also add Elderberry into Sav's daily routine:

3. Putting a few drops of essential oils, specifically Lavender and Eucalyptus, in the diffusers throughout our home helps immensely with relaxation, and nasal and chest congestion.

4. Cut back on dairy, and increase warm foods and beverages for all of us.

5. Organic, grass-fed bone broth is really good for gut health, and in turn your immune system. Luckily Savvy enjoys it and actually asks for "soup" for breakfast often. (I also highly recommend bone broth for my Peaceful Promise clients who are on their fertility journeys -- more on that in a future post). Here's the one we've been ordering:

6. Most importantly, Breastmilk for both kids! It's been quite the journey, but thankfully, Nile is still breastfeeding and anytime he's sick, I rest assured that my body is producing exactly what he needs. When Savvy is sick, I pump or grab liquid-gold from the freezer for her. Even if she doesn't have much of an appetite, I add it to her cereal, oatmeal, or warm it and spoon feed it to her. So so grateful this is still an option for us.

When the family is healthy, but the world has a lot going on, I try to focus on boosting our babies immune systems.

Here's some of what we do in our home through the winter and early spring months, especially this year because #AllTheThings.

1. Humidifiers:

We have these humidifiers in our bedrooms and bonus room. I keep them cleaned and running throughout the season:

2. Air Purifier:

We recently purchased this air purifier through Amazon Japan. They're best kept in high-traffic areas, and places where your family spends a lot of time. Ours sits on our main floor. We run it all day, and turn it off before we head upstairs at night. I've noticed a huge difference, and can't believe I waited this long to get one!

10 month old Nile's immune-boosting regime:

1. Probiotic:

2. Vitamin D:

3. Zinc:

4. Vitamin C:

5. Breastmilk!!

3.5 year old Savvy Girl's immune-boosting regimen looks like this:

1. Probiotic:

2. Organic MultiVitamin:

3. Zinc:

4. Vitamin C:

Parenting during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart. If you've been in the #MomLifeTrenches with a sick angel babe or caring for your family while you've been sick, please know, you are not alone. The cries, prayers, sleepless nights -- remember, every mother who's gone before us, is with us now.

Let me know if you try any of these things with your little ones, I'd love to hear about what works for you!

Love Always.



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