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Pregnant in Tokyo: In-home prenatal visit

Snapped this with my self-timer real quick to see what I look like... Not a glam shot. But kind of love it.

37 weeks + 6 days full of life.

We had an in-home prenatal visit today!

It was dreamy.

From this point on, our prenatal visits will be in the comfort of our home. The care I’ve received from So San and her team at the Matsugaoka Birth Center has been life-changing!

Back and foot massages, #moxibustion, #accupressure, #reflexology, #sento visits, painless bone therapy, food prepared with care and healing in mind, fear-clearing, doing everything under the sun to gently encourage a #breech little babe to turn (which he did, Praise God!)

#PrenatalVisits that last hours...not because something is wrong, but because there’s power in caring for a woman who is preparing to bring a new soul into the world, and there’s peace in relationship building with your #birth team.

So much to share, so much to incorporate into Peaceful Promise Birth Services,!

Eventually, I’ll create endless content for the #blog and shoot a bunch of #Youtube videos telling you #allthethings — in true over-sharer fashion. 🤣

But one of the biggest pieces of advice from my midwife has been to rest my brain, body, and eyes — I’ve slowed down a lot on the #productivity scale...Hell, at this point, it’s about all I can do to form a proper thought or a complete sentence 🤣 but what an empowering and freeing gift it’s been to listen and be present.

Only God and our baby know how this birth will unfold, but one thing I know for sure — I am forever grateful for this wildly beautiful prenatal experience.

What a blessing from above.

To my husband, thank you for believing in my body and trusting the process (even more than me at times!) You are EVERYTHING!

And to our angel of a doula, Martha The Knitting Doula (, thank you for being on this journey with us and for taking photos today!

Love Always.



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