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The Power of Inner Peace During Pregnancy

I randomly recorded this video last summer while sitting in my car in our driveway, during Savvy's naptime...Yes, I'm wearing lashes, haha but that's just because it was a day I happened to actually get dressed before hitting these #MomLifeStreets. :-)

I had no intention of recording, but as I sat there with our sweet 15-month-old babe in the back, this overwhelming sense of gratitude and clarity came over me -- I received a message that I just had to share with other mamas, about intentionally choosing peace during pregnancy and the powerful ways my husband and I saw that decision impact our BABY, our BIRTH, our MARRIAGE, and my prenatal and postpartum MENTAL HEALTH. I propped up my cell phone on the dash, pressed record, and this came out!

Over the last year, I've gotten feedback from countless people about how this message spoke to them, even though they were not pregnant or currently with child. So I encourage you to LISTEN to it and SHARE it because the message that came through me was bigger than a specific circumstance or person who's at a certain stage in life -- It was for EVERYONE.

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