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The end of our fourth trimester

three-week old Baby Nile

I can’t believe our perfect boy has been earthside with us for four months now.

On one hand, it feels like just yesterday, I was in a deep hypnosis state, breathing him into the world, but on the other hand, it feels like he’s been here with us -- part of our family -- part of me, forever.

Just moments before Nile was born!

I look back at pictures from his first few weeks here and I barely recognize us.

Good God.

There’s absolutely nothing in this world like those first few weeks.

Raw, real, stripped naked, vulnerable -- both energetically and physically -- exhausted, open, healing, learning.

Mama and baby transitioning, coming to life, together.

Perhaps the most beautiful, challenging of times.

The stage you can't wait to get out of, full of moments you never want to end.

Nile Alexander is an absolute dream! We can tell he’s been a champion and a leader of men for many lifetimes. No wonder his name came to us so clearly.

He’s calm, peaceful, and confident, and he's got this powerful voice that echoes throughout the house. His laugh is life-giving, his smile melts your heart, and he has these eyes that see into the depths of your soul.

4-month old Baby Nile!

Our little powerhouse.

And how fitting that we spent the end of our fourth trimester together at the water's edge. The same waters where I prayed for his water birth.

As we ease out of the fourth trimester, I can feel him leaving my body.

I'm coming back to myself and he is becoming whole.

Looking out over the "Devil's Washboard" along the coast of Aoshima Island -- Japan w|3.5 mo old Baby Nile

Through my pregnancies, I take on traits that are undeniably not mine, they belong to the soul God is using me to give life to.

With Savvy, I was giving speeches, public speaking, flying, and setting boundaries without a care in the world! (Basically, doing all the things that terrify me, and doing them with ease. 🤣) That is aaaallllll our Savvy Girl.

3 week old Baby Nile + 2 y, 11mo old Savvy Girl

With Nile, I was sure of everything, had unshakable faith, peace, and confidence that were just out of this world, so much clarity, not an ounce of fear, more physical strength than I've ever had, and I was extremely protective. That is our Nile Man.

Couple days before Nile made his way to us!

While it feels bittersweet for us to be ending this new mama, new baby chapter -- if there's one thing I've learned from Savvy is that each chapter just gets sweeter and sweeter.

And I am so damn proud of us. Proud of Nile. Proud of my body. Proud of our little fam, the home-team.

I am incredibly honored to be part of their stories.

My absolute faves. Nile's first flight! 3.5 mo old. Tokyo ---> Miyazaki

Nile, you’ve already changed so many lives! I love you with every fiber of my being.

Happy 4 months, young King!

Love Always.



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